Pre-Teens Buying Into Slutoween? • Arnie Signs Bill Commemorating Harvey Milk

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• "It's going to be one happy Halloween for the Roman Polanskis of this world... This year, in a growing trend that is truly scary, fifth-graders are encouraged to dress like cheap hookers," claims the Daily News. •


• According to the LA Times Twitter is the new outlet for celebrity feuds. Everyone from Perez Hilton (natch) to Chris Brown are getting in on the action. Apparently, part of the appeal of Twitter is that the entries are written and posted so quickly that there is no time for a publicist to censor the sentiment. • Jezebel contributor Doree Shafrir takes on the growing trend of American couples outsourcing surrogacy to India. Although homosexuality was only recently decriminalized in India, many gay couples are finding that some Indian clinics are easier to deal with than American surrogates. • A LDS church in Utah has become the target of vandals, who threw rocks at the window with the attached message "Stop spreading your lies, pagans." Police do not have any suspects, but they are already discussing whether or not hate crime charges will be filed. • Speaking of hate crimes, there is a growing push to amend New York state hate crime laws so that they protect transgender individuals. • After escaping an abusive boyfriend in 1998, Kalyn Risker found the Detroit non-profit Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment, to help other domestic abuse survivors learn skills to reenter the workforce and break their financial dependence on their abuser. The program is in high demand, since Detroit only has one domestic violence shelter but has seen a 7% increase in domestic violence cases this year. • Have you ever wondered why there are no calorie counts on cat food? According to The New York Times, it's because many pet foods haven't been tested for digestibility and true content per can. A 10 pound cat needs roughly 200-400 calories, but the best way to tell if it's eating enough is just to see if maintains a normal weight. • Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a bill commemorating Harvey Milk for being the first openly gay politician elected to public office in California. Under the measure Milk's birthday, May 22, would be proclaimed a day of significance by the governor each year. "He really saw this signing as a way to honor the gay community in California," said a spokesman. •



Poor Arnie can't win. He signs the Milk law and the conservatives call him a liberal. He thinks he is honoring the gay community and they lambaste him for not making marriage legal again. Dude can't catch a break.