PRAISE EVIL CHEERLEADERS : R.L. Stine Writing More 'Fear Street' Books

Extremely important announcement if you buy Christmas gifts for teens and your goal is to freak them the hell out: R.L. Stine is bringing back his "Fear Street" series, to scare the pants off a new generation of young adult readers. He's writing six more, starting with Party Games, which drops in late September:

He announced preorders today on Twitter:


Good job boiling the announcement down to the important detail: more gruesome #teen deaths. (Fun trivia fact: His twitter bio describes his job as "to terrify kids.") He offered a little more detail in this interview, which includes this charmingly deadpan quote: "I don't know why I enjoyed it so much. I think everybody enjoys killing teenagers." It's like he's speaking for every vice principle who ever lived!

Here's a peek at the cover. In the meantime, if someone could license the classic covers and start selling them as high-quality prints, that would be fantastic, thanks a bunch.

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