Practical Footwear Fetishist Also Stalker, Pedophile

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Place your bets: How long will it take before this story, about a creepy pedophile/Uggs boot fetishist, makes it into an episode of Law & Order: SVU?

Mark Southeby, 38, was arrested after he used an online social networking site to stalk and harass young girls. Southeby used Facebook, MSN and MySpace to track a group of teens who lived in the Leeds area and went to the same high school. He went to great lengths to deceive the girls; he used fake names, adopted some of their identities and even cloned web pages on their personal sites. Southeby called the girls multiple times a day, and terrorized one 14-year-old by phoning her to say he was "obsessed" with the clothes she was wearing that day.

He eventually developed an online relationship with one 15-year-old girl, who came to believe that they were dating. Southeby even asked her to perform sex acts via a webcam, but his underage "girlfriend" refused. Southeby also asked one teen to invite her friend over to his house so that he could drug her and do what he wanted with her. This statement is especially worrisome considering his record: he was arrested twice previously, in June 2006 and January 2007, for trying to buy chloroform online.


Not only is Southeby a first class creep, he also has a strange and surprisingly dated fetish. Police found an "enormous number" of photographs of teenage girls wearing Ugg boots on Southeby's mobile phone, and the prosecuting lawyer said in court: "He [Southeby] was particularly interested in Ugg boots, which he later told police he had a fetish about."

Southeby's lawyer says his client is "highly sexed" and would be receptive of any treatment. "It's a matter that causes him daily upset. From his perspective, were it effectively chemical castration that would be a benefit," he said. "The pleasure he obtained from this contact was in having the discussions about Ugg boots with those girls and as he was having those discussions effectively relieving his sexual frustration."

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This SVU will start out in the most innocuous/solveable of murders, somehow lead Olivia and Elliot to Craiglist, where they will find out that it is somehow connected to a listing for Ugg boot giveaways or something, and will end with the fetish reveal!