POTUS’ Deputy Campaign Manager Gives America Permission to Gather Their News from People

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The President of the United States of, well, not really all of America, but more the mid-face of America, probably from America's hairline (Canada gets to be the hair) to its alarmingly narrow chin, has very recently embarked on a much-derided "soft" media tour that has avoided more serious-faced news peddlers in favor of ESPN, Entertainment Tonight and People, the magazine in which America learns all about the intermarrying of its unofficial royal families. Though some critics have been extra critical of President Obama's banter-tour through ESPN's inane "Top Ten" lists or as a guest pop-culture critic on a local news program in New Mexico, Stephanie Cutter, the Obama deputy campaign manager, said that outlets such as People and ET were just as important as CNN, to name just one.


"I don't think that they're more important," Cutter awkwardly told CNN, "but I think they're equally important. I think that's where a lot of Americans get their news. And I think the president's going to continue doing that." Though the Prez (that's a cool abbreviation for President (you're welcome)) may just be scoring some easy goodwill points ahead of the Democratic National Convention, Cutter's right — a lot of Americans get their news from People. And before we all groan and ask, "But America, why do you continue to disappoint everyone with your parochialism?" consider the Wolf Blitzer, a gnome that reads the news on CNN, got smoked like a Black and Mild in Jeopardy by Andy Richter, a comedian and late-night show sidekick.

Obama adviser says People magazine ‘equally important' as political media [WaPo]

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Ginger, get the popcorn!

I feel like a lot of the criticism of this comes from a weird and elitist place. A lot of people care more about sports and pop culture than they do about the bullshit going on in national politics. What's wrong with reaching people where they are? Just because it's not CNN (which, I mena, is hardly hard-hitting journalism these days), doesn't mean it's an illegitimate place for the President to speak to the people who elected him and who he hope will elect him again.