Potential OctoDad Tells His (Probably Wrong) Side Of The Story

Today in a shameless ratings stunt, Good Morning America interviewed Denis Beaudoin, a man who dated Nadya Suleman in the late '90s and claims he may be the father of her octuplets.

Chris Cuomo begins his interview by saying the octuplets have "sparked a debate about the ethics of fertility treatments," but the biggest debate to come out of this interview should be about journalism ethics. After promoting the story by putting a question mark over Beaudoin's head, GMA teased the interview into two segments (combined into one clip at left) and made viewers stay tuned for 30 minutes to find out what moved the FakeOctoDad to fake tears. Beaudoin claims Nadya asked him to donate sperm several times during their three year relationship. Yet, he never asked her what she was doing with the samples and offered no insight into her fascination with babies. Suleman has confirmed that she used Beaudoin's samples but said she did not become pregnant, so she moved on to another donor. Beaudoin tears up because he's so distraught over the thought of dragging Suleman's 14 children into more controversy. But, as hortense wrote this weekend, if he really wants to help the kids, maybe he should be talking to Nadya, not Good Morning America.

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Something that I don't understand about this story. Doesn't it take a lot of time, pain and hormones to harvest eggs? How did she have so many if the ones she fertilised with this dude's sperm failed?