Pot Vending Machines Arrive in Colorado

Colorado welcomed its first pot vending machine this week.

The machine in Colorado is now on display at Montana's Smokehouse barbecue in Avon (it's not up and running just quite yet). It will be stocked with edibles such as brownies, via Colorado-based Herbal Elements. According to Fox 31 Denver, the new machine was made by American Green and is called "Zazz."


"Zazz" is a fantastic name for a pot vending machine. Unfortunately, this means I will have to scrub plans to name my firstborn son "Zazz." That sucks.

"We're gonna eliminate the middle man. It'll go straight from the budtender right into our machine," said Greg Honan, owner of Herbal Elements. "There's no room for theft by patients, employees … there's no way to lose track of the inventory."


The machine is only for medical marijuana and it requires a valid medical marijuana card along with ID to be verified before the machine will dispense anything. Similar medical marijuana machines went up recently in Los Angeles, but those were only accessible by dispensary workers behind a counter.

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