Pot Quiz: How Dumb Have You Gotten This Summer?

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Some people lose weight for the summer; I stick with brain cells. Like, yesterday I saw The Wackness, and there's this part where the dad is doing a crossword puzzle and asks Shapiro a seven-letter word for "subatomic particle" because he doesn't know and I was like, for the love of a Higher Power don't let me lose so many of my seven-letter words for subatomic particles without the T's I am ever that dumb, but by the end of the movie I was seriously, like, all I want to do for the next six weeks is smoke weed and listen to Wu-Tang — and I don't even like weed! — so um, you can imagine, when I took this Pew News Quiz this morning it was with no small amount of trepidation. Click Josh Peck for the question that tripped me up. [Pew Research]


Hahaha, suck it; I got them all right. What, do you think I'd actually admit it if I didn't? Whatever, so I can name the Senate Majority Leader I still have nothing to say to you today, so you might as well take the quiz yourself.

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@mbprice: All that strategy and stuff just isn't my bag. I never was much of a game player. But I like to read the dictionary, and do so whenever I have free time, and then write down the words I am wanting to use more often.

Why no, I wouldn't call you a nerd. I'm not one either!