Pot, Meet Kettle: John McCain's Angry Insults Are Simply Absurd

Barack Obama is old, John McCain is tall, Sarah Palin is the most experienced politician in office today and Joe Biden looks so gosh-darned cute when he winks. The world has turned on its axis and what was true is false and what's false is true, or else there's no way that John McCain would think he could get away with saying, during a rally yesterday, that Barack Obama doesn't answer questions, gets touchy when he's questioned about his record and tells lie upon lie without someone finding footage of him and/or Sarah Palin doing exactly those things. Oh, wait, that's what we did here! Mashup clip above.
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Erin Gloria Ryan

Hm, the whole Bridge to Nowhere thing has become a bit of a metaphor for the entire McCain/Palin campaign, no?