R. Umar Abbasi, the freelance photographer who took the photo of Ki Suk Han after Han was pushed onto subway tracks and killed by an oncoming train, apparently also enjoys taking naked shots of the ladies. His enormous collection of work is filled with unclothed and semi-unclothed models, which include classic first-year art school student black and whites, wet t-shirt shots in the vein of Girls with Low Self-Esteem, and bizarre crap like a half-naked girl chained to a radiator and draped in an American flag.

Abbasi isn't interested in TFP (time for print) โ€” meaning he won't provide the model with pictures of the best photographs in return for her time โ€” "unless I contact you or you are so awesome and expressive." So, uh, if you contact him, or are not awesome or expressive, don't expect him to pay you for letting him take naked shots. That sounds like a really fucked arrangement to me โ€” I'm curious, does anyone know if this a common thing? What's in it for the model? Besides the need to take 50 scalding hot showers and probably get a tetanus shot?

He goes on to say that there's no difference for him between clothed and naked shots. Except, in my observation, he only really likes to take the naked ones.