In what must surely qualify as one of the most inconvenient of all intolerances, doctors have discovered that some men suffer from a rare disorder โ€” that comes from an allergy to their own semen.

Scientists have known about post orgasmic illness syndrome โ€” in which guys experience flu-like symptoms after ejaculation โ€” since '02. At the time, some believed it to be psychosomatic. But a scientist has only now discovered the probable cause, an autoimmune response to the body's own sperm.

And, says Marcel Waldinger, a Dutch professor of sexual psychopharmacology, gradually accustoming men to a dilute form of the semen โ€” hyposensitization therapy, often used to treat allergies โ€” may help. That's if they're willing to come forward. Not only is the syndrome not well-known, but many men may feel embarrassed. They shouldn't! Rather, they should just think positive: maybe their semen is just extra-powerful.

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