Post-Menopausal Women Can Double Pleasure, Fun With Testosterone Patch

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More than ten years after Viagra came onto the scene (heh heh), drug companies are on the verge of offering a libido boosting patch to older women. Proctor & Gamble has been testing its Intrinsa testosterone patch for several years, Reuters reports, and according to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, women receiving the "highest dose of testosterone" got a "modest but meaningful" boost in their sex life.According to the study, before adhering the patch to themselves, the post-menopausal women involved reported 2.5 satisfying sexual episodes a month. After use, women reported an extra 2.1 additional episodes, "a significant increase from the placebo group, which reported, on average, fewer than one extra episodes monthly," Reuters notes. And it's not just sex that improved with the patch: women reported better self-image, desire, orgasm and pleasure. So are there any downsides to this magical patch? Well it is testosterone, so some of the women reported extra hair growth. However, Melbourne-based Dr. Susan Davis, who led the study, tells Reuters that the extra hair "doesn't seem to be an issue for the women. If it had been, you would have seen much greater withdrawals from the treatment groups." Another potential cause for concern is that breast cancer occurred in four of the 534 women who received the patch, while no women in the 277-person placebo group were diagnosed with the disease. Two of those women had tumors before using the patch, and in any study of that many older women it is likely that breast cancer will develop for some. Nevertheless, doctors are studying a possible link between extra testosterone and cancer. But overall, both doctors and patients alike are excited about the prospect of a libido patch for ladies. Dr. Davis says she was overwhelmed by volunteers for her "Aphrodite" study, because older women are saying, "I'm too young to start feeling like this. I have a lot of years ahead in my relationship. This is important to me." And guess what? Intrinsa may be even more effective than the little blue pill: "Davis said that with drugs like Pfizer's Viagra, men typically get one extra satisfying episode per month. 'We found women get two. So it at least matches the benefits to men.'" Woohoo! Testosterone Patches Boost Libido In Older Women [Reuters]


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