BDSM is really big in New York, at least according to some YouPorn number-crunching, which might initially sound like a category of porn with digitally-animated numbers locked in suggestive embraces (I'm thinking of something involving 5 and 7, and I don't need to tell you how absolutely filthy such a fantasy would be). It seems that ever since Fifty Shades of Grey unleashed its Nobel-winning prose on the world in April, New Yorkers have been dabbling in BDSM-related porn on the internets, with 82 percent of YouPorn searches based around the word "domination." Runners-up included "sex slave" (78.96 percent), "master" (71.91 percent), "sadism" (71.81 percent) and, a little further down the list, "wax" (54.07 percent).

What's more, while BDSM-related searches, er, swelled 67 percent nationwide between April and June, in New York, that number increased by almost 90 percent. This is because, obviously, New York (Manhattan, really), is a giant Panopticon that people willingly incarcerate themselves in and, as a result, they're numb to everything except physical and emotional pain.


Congrats, Everyone: New Yorkers Seek Out BDSM Porn More Than Anyone Else In America [Gothamist]