Possibly Racist Bachelorette Contestant Makes Himself Look More Racist

Besides the rampant use of technologies like lie detector tests and ultrasounds, one topic dominated The Bachelorette's "Men Tell All" episode Monday night: racism.

Andi's rejected suitors had plenty to bicker about, but the biggest point of contention was a rehashing of whether Andrew had called Marquel and Ron (the two members of the cast who are black) "blackies" during a Rose Ceremony, as cast member JJ alleges he did. Andrew insisted yet again that he didn't – according to him he said something like "It's been a long night, when is this going to be over with?" – but in doing so, accidentally called Marquel by Ron's name.


Andrew's idiocy made for an incredibly awkward moment, though Marquel managed to brush past it, showing far more restraint than most would as he dismissed Andrew, who was lamely attempting to gain sympathy by discussing how allegations of racism could ruin his career:

I don't like the fact that we're diverting from the issue. What I'm here [to do is] to address you as a man [looks to Andrew]. And all you guys know, I'm strictly about respect. I'm not attacking you, Andrew, because my faith calls me to forgive you anyway. But at the same time, I will never forgive the ignorance that is racism.

Ron was less forgiving. "Who would want to admit they said 'blackies or 'black guys'?" he said, a reference to the possibility that Andrew's original comment was "Whoa, she gave [roses] to the two black guys."

"They're both fucked up. Who would want to admit that?"

Unfortunately, we will probably never know the truth. While the producers aired the footage of Andrew whispering to JJ, there was no audio available and many of the guys didn't seem to think JJ was telling the truth about what he heard. But on a larger level, the episode was full of misleading moments that really threw any faith one might have in the reality of anything anyone says on this show out the window. Take your pick: did you prefer the bizarre on-stage ultrasound that "revealed" the sex of former Bachelorette Ashley's baby with her husband JP (it's a boy, which we knew in April) or a woman in the audience who "surprised" everyone by raising her hand in the middle of farmer Chris's interview with Chris Harrison in an attempt to meet him?

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