Posh's MJ Ads= Everything Wrong With Fashion? • $100 Undies Promise To Rip You Off

Are the Marc Jacobs ads with Victoria Beckham an example of everything that is wrong with fashion? Or has fashion "journalist" Liz Jones lost her sense of humor?• One more SATC analogy we don't need: HuffPo blogger calls for Obama and Clinton gals to "get on with it" (and "get it on"?). • "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" Yes, yes it is. • Encyclopedia Britannica will now allow public contribution to internet entries because nothing ruins a credible reputation like copying Wikipedia! • Valentine Vester, an English woman who helped create one of the poshest hotels in Jerusalem, dies at 96. • French truckers protest high fuel prices with "operation escargot," joining similar protests across Europe and South Korea. • $100 underpants promise to take off inches without exercise through baloney "micro massage" faux-science beauty bullshit. • Doris Day's controlling third husband may have caused the actress her sanity and was abusive to her son. • Keira Knightley's mother insists her daughter doesn't have an eating disorder, noting her actor father was much thinner than Keira was. • The birthplace of Kate Moss launches its own fashion week, celebrating with celebrity look-alikes!


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