Posh Spice's $11,500 Shoes Get Stolen

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  • Uh oh! Yet another fashion thief is on the prowl, and this time he is targeting Victoria Beckham. Posh's dressing room was ransacked and two pairs of shoes costing $11,500 each, as well as a red silk Roberto Cavalli robe saying "Mrs. Beckham" on the front and "Posh" on the back were amongst the stolen goods. We're picturing some fashion larceny version of Antiques Roadshow wherein the thief's great-nephew finds out his gay uncle's shoes once retailed for $11,500... [Page Six]
  • Officials with London Fashion week will begin doing "spot checks" on models' health starting with the Fall 2008 shows, which start in London on February 15. Auditors will be hired to be on the lookout for drugs, girls under the age of 16, and health certificates claiming that they're not like anorexic or whatever. [WWD, sub req'd]
  • Natalie Portman, being the good little indie hipster intellectual that she is, will be designing a line of vegan shoes for label Te Casan. [Sassybella]
  • There's a Greta Garbo line of outerwear? [WWD, 2nd item]
  • Tim Gunn: Promises to make Liz Claiborne not suck anymore and to prove to all the doubting Thomases that he's not just a pretty reality TV face. Says Gunn, "My respect for the real world has grown while I've realized how daunting the industry is." [WWD, sub req'd]
  • Bags mocking the Anya Hindmarch "I'm Not A Plastic Bag" bag are beginning to annoy us almost as much as the object of their mockery. [FabSugar]
  • The Roberto Cavalli Spring 2008 ad campaign stars Kate Moss, Daria Werbowy and Eva Herzigova. It also makes very little sense. [Sassybella]
  • Victoria's Secret is totally in bed with Gossip Girl, filling the show with product placement galore. Do real Manhattan prep school kids even know where Victoria's Secret is? [WWD, 2nd item]
  • The Christmas tree at the Victoria & Albert museum in London was designed by English fashion house Boudicca. [Vogue UK]

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If your shoes cost more than both your breast implants, and your breast implant removal surgeries, you deserve to have them stole, Victoria.