Posh Spice Pulling A Dave Chappelle On Her Reality Show

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  • Against the wishes of the producers of her forthcoming reality show (for which they're paying her 10 million pounds, a number we refuse to currency-convert this early in the morning) Posh Spice has left L.A. to go to England to cheer on her husband's soccer match. [Daily Mirror]
  • John Travolta makes up a lot of stories about his son loving literature and sports, because autism is the gayness of Scientology. [Page Six]
  • Cheating baseballer Alex Rodriguez' new Renaissance ladyfriend: A stripper and an amateur Playboy model! [NY Post]
  • A "source": "Paris doesn't do contrite very well." But she is trying! "Tears" may be in store for her perp walk. Also: A hair and makeup team. [Rush & Molloy]
  • JUST when the NY Post had begun to vindicate its whole Dick Gephardt=Kerry's running mate scoop, it thrusts its credibility into peril with its claim that Michael Buble "struck out" with his own girlfriend Emily Blunt. [Page Six]
  • Paula Abdul calls the leak of that crazypants conference call "highly unethical." They said the same thing about whomever leaked the Pentagon Papers, and Nixon never hurt any chihuahuas! [TMZ]
  • New, non-famous man in Aniston's life. [People]

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Is Travolta's kid really autistic? If my parents were Scientologist I'd pretend to to talk or listen till I was 18 and the hell out of the house.

But seriously, does that fuckwit attitude toward autism mean the poor child isn't getting a good education or treatment? Yikes.