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Posh Spice Dares to Fuck With Fashion Royalty

Illustration for article titled Posh Spice Dares to Fuck With Fashion Royalty

In response to the recent news regarding Victoria Beckham's new clothing line DVB, we've got a few burning questions.


What does fashion grande dame (and CFDA president) Diane Von Furstenberg think of Victoria essentially appropriating her moniker? (It's only two half-circles from a "F" to a "B", after all.)

Will fashionistas be able to differentiate the designs of one skinny, plasticized European from the other?


And what exactly does the "D" in "DVB" stand for, anyway? "Designer"? "Dame"? "Dim-witted"?

Fab Flash: DVB Fashion World Domination [FabSugar]

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