Today's edition of the UK newspaper the Mirror hit the Southern California pavement and asked "real California girls" what they think of Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham. A 31-year-old fashion buyer said, "She is too tanned, wears too much makeup and is too skinny." A 24-year-old boutique owner warned, "Victoria needs to watch out for the groupies because they'll come after her man." (She also admits, "He's beautiful.") A 30-year-old accounts manager laments, "Those big breasts don't look right on her skinny body. I actually prefer David."

Hear that, Mrs. Beckham? The city that is home to the Playboy Mansion and the highest concentration of plastic surgeons and tanning salons in the Western world thinks you're too thin, too tan and your boobs are too big. What's more, you're surrounded by women who want to shag your husband! Maybe you, Pamela Anderson and Jessica Simpson can start some sort of safe haven for glamourbots!

What L.A. Women Think Of Posh [Mirror]