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Posh Can Has Cheezburger?

Illustration for article titled Posh Can Has Cheezburger?

Now that he's landed in L.A., David Beckham has a blog, of course. It's easy to imagine what his entries will entail: Publicist-approved (or written!) information about football; the occasional outtakes from fabulous photo shoots; notes about his soccer academy and charities. Zzzzzzz. Here's what we'd really like to see:

  • Shots of Posh done up LOLCat-style, i.e., looking at a slice of chocolate cake with the words DO NOT WANT underneath.
  • A Livejournal-esque self-portrait photography series of David, in various states of undress, preferably in a mirror and focusing on documenting all of his tattoos. (Hint: Call it "Becks is Sex!")
  • Self-portrait shots of David kissing Victoria, thereby confirming he is capable of affection for her. (Call it SnogBlog!)
  • Poignant observations, done Rosie-haiku steez (I find myself/driving down Sunset/thinking about how funny it is/my team is called galaxy/and I am a star).
  • Comments from his celebrity pals (TomKat: First, bitches!!!) and links to their blogs. (Hey, in this alternate reality, that could happen.)
  • Commentary in the style of L.A. wild child Cory Kennedy, a.k.a up-the-stream-of-consciousness-without-a-paddle ramblings (we went to a club in west hollywood and someone almost spilled something on victoria it was sooooo funny i love when she gives that look like i will stab you with a stiletto hahah oh yeahhhhhh).

Becks Starts His Own L.A. Blog[Sun]
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This is on point: An hour long video of Beckham SLEEPING was featured at the National Portrait Gallery in London...The guy has to realize that he's going to have step up his game to entertain in America.