Posh Can Has Cheezburger?

Now that he's landed in L.A., David Beckham has a blog, of course. It's easy to imagine what his entries will entail: Publicist-approved (or written!) information about football; the occasional outtakes from fabulous photo shoots; notes about his soccer academy and charities. Zzzzzzz. Here's what we'd really like to see:

  • Shots of Posh done up LOLCat-style, i.e., looking at a slice of chocolate cake with the words DO NOT WANT underneath.
  • A Livejournal-esque self-portrait photography series of David, in various states of undress, preferably in a mirror and focusing on documenting all of his tattoos. (Hint: Call it "Becks is Sex!")
  • Self-portrait shots of David kissing Victoria, thereby confirming he is capable of affection for her. (Call it SnogBlog!)
  • Poignant observations, done Rosie-haiku steez (I find myself/driving down Sunset/thinking about how funny it is/my team is called galaxy/and I am a star).
  • Comments from his celebrity pals (TomKat: First, bitches!!!) and links to their blogs. (Hey, in this alternate reality, that could happen.)
  • Commentary in the style of L.A. wild child Cory Kennedy, a.k.a up-the-stream-of-consciousness-without-a-paddle ramblings (we went to a club in west hollywood and someone almost spilled something on victoria it was sooooo funny i love when she gives that look like i will stab you with a stiletto hahah oh yeahhhhhh).

Becks Starts His Own L.A. Blog[Sun]
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