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Sometimes it isn't just the starlets who get stuck with the stereotypical parts in films. Serious Actresses can get stuck with stupid shit too, especially since most aren't getting lead roles anytime soon! In the latest round-up of new castings in Hollywood, Natalie Portman sets her sights on an adaptation of Wuthering Heights and Marcia Gay Harden is set to star in a sure-to-be-cancelled new drama series on CBS about journalists who help save the world. Also in the mix, two well-known Spanish actresses lower themselves to supporting roles in American films, but the good news is they are probably getting paid more than they did in any starring role in their Spanish films. More on the latest hookers, victims and doormats in Hollywood, after the jump.


Natalie Portman, Wuthering Heights: Portman is slated to play Catherine Earnshaw, the female lead, in this new adaptation of Emily Bronte's novel. Catherine is in love with her adopted brother, Heathcliff, but marries a more suitable man and is then driven to madness over her decision. Verdict: Catherine is a variation of a hooker, marrying for stability and then being punished for it.

Elsa Pataky, Giallo: Spanish actress Pataky (who is perhaps better known to American audiences as Adrien Brody's girlfriend) is set to play Celine, the kidnapped sister of an American flight attendant. Verdict: Beautiful kidnapped woman? Victim, duh.


Marcia Gay Harden, The Tower: In this new CBS drama, Harden will star as a millionaire who buys a newspaper where the journalists not only break stories but also solve mysteries! Verdict: The plot might sound a bit boring, but Harden's character might come out OK, for the time being.

Paz Vega, Triage: Vega, from Talk to Her and Spanglish, will play the girlfriend of a a colleague of Mark (Colin Farrel), a photojournalist, who investigates the mysterious disappearance of her boyfriend. Verdict: While the details are skimpy, the tragic girlfriend character just screams "Victim."

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