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Portland's 'Hipster Santa' Rocks a Man Bun

Illustration for article titled Portlands Hipster Santa Rocks a Man Bun

This cool-ass Santa Claus in downtown Portland is a quote-unquote hipster with a man bun who wears a Drake-approved sweater, rides a bicycle and carries around a typewriter. Santa, baby. The only thing missing is a faux air of superiority and apathy.


KXAN also reports that this Portland-based Santa is also “health conscious,” and thus not as round as he is traditionally.


Come to Brooklyn, Portland Santa. You’ll feel right at home—not because you’re a hipster, but because there are also a lot of health-conscious people here.

And feel free to try on any of these these fly designer outfits.

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Image via KXAN

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Whenever I see people criticize Portland for having hipsters and artisans and craft beer and mustaches or whatever, I shake my head, because a city without hipsters is a shitty city where hipsters don’t wanna live. Do y’all LIKE living next to a strip mall and drinking Budweiser and wearing Walmart’s best bespoke fashions?