Portland Builder Drops Planned Parenthood For Fear Of Pro-Life Protesters

A Portland construction company has dropped out of its contract to build a local Planned Parenthood, the Oregonian reported on Monday. Bob Walsh, the owner of Walsh Construction, broke the contract after hearing about how aggressive and inappropriate anti-choice protesters had been towards other contractors building Planned Parenthoods across the country. And even though Walsh had no moral objections, according the Oregonian he said, "It's disruptive and very threatening. I just didn't want to put my family through that." And honestly? He has a point. If you'll recall, back in December Colorado anti-choicers picketed outside the homes of the contractors who were building a Denver Planned Parenthood. In fact, on Christmas morning the yahoos showed up at the contractor's home with signs depicting dead babies.


Despite the looming pro-life outcry, the Planned Parenthood building project will go forward. Sadly, one of the organizers of the forthcoming protests is a local science teacher, Bill Diss. Diss tells the Oregonian that Planned Parenthood is a "'killing center' that targets young girls, teaching them about sex and masturbation, which he calls 'the gateway drug to lust.'" (Now that would be a fantastic album title: Gateway Drug To Lust. I'm sure no one in the history of the world has discovered masturbation on her own, Bill. Why, masturbation didn't exist until Planned Parenthood was founded!) Diss continued to diss Planned Parenthood, saying, "They're up in North Portland targeting young black girls to get them into a life of sex." A life of sex? Don't most people end up having a "life of sex," ie, a sex life, regardless of Planned Parenthood's evil voodoo? It's always a shame that Planned Parenthood, whose work is 3% abortion, and the rest education and affordable medical care, has to suffer so many fools so much of the time.

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