'Portfolio' Fashion Blogger Laurie Goldstein Crowe Pities Poor Newly Rich In China

H&M is opening in Shanghai, meaning legions of Chinese consumers will now have access to knockoffs made in, er, Bucharest. You probably don't care, but this is kind of mind-blowing from an economic implications/world-being-flat perspective, not that Portfolio fashion blogger Laurie Goldstein Crowe sees it that way:

I pity the poor Chinese consumers who have only recently gotten to grips with real luxury, now having to make sense of the cheap knock-off so soon.


Ugh. You know who we pity, Laurie? We pity the 1.3 billion or so Chinese left out of the drastically uneven economic growth that has left a few million well-connected coastal Chinese suddenly able to buy Cartier watches. We pity the people for whom "real luxury" means, you know, rice you don't have to sift the bugs out of. (Yeah, we are so pissed we just dangled that participle. Fuck you.)

PS: We also pity you for that awful illustrated head shot on your blog. WTF, Joanne Lipman? $125 mil can't buy a decent artist these days? We've seen better portraiture on the Coney Island boardwalk.

H&M: First Madonna, Now China [Portfolio]

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