Porny Abercrombie & Fitch Catalog To Make Triumphant Return To Store Shelves!

Illustration for article titled Porny Abercrombie  Fitch Catalog To Make Triumphant Return To Store Shelves!
  • Holy Aryan Smut Closet Case Pride, the A&F Quarterly is back and under the same old management? Have you ever looked at this catalog? Click to see enlarged Heidi Klum!
  • ...anyway, I'm not sure it was possible to actually purchase clothes with it, because there didn't even seem to be any clothes displayed in it. (Also missing: Black people.) But there were a lot of naked tits and weird date-rapey advice columns and stuff until CEO Mike Jeffries decided he was "bored" with the stale pornyness of it all. Big mistake! Look at American Apparel! [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Hannah Montana is an icon of neo biker chic style. [NY Times]
  • To attract men — and one assumes, Jezebel editors! — beauty salons are offering free Sam Adams, gin and scotch and pool tables. [WSJ]
  • Blind item guessing game, Arden WOHLcat edition. "Which socialite and vague designer was so high on ecstasy on New Year's Eve that she fell out of her cab on her way to a tiny, exclusive, and smoke filled tavern in the West Village? She might not have even remembered the next day, if it weren't for the massive bruise on her..." [Fashionista]
  • Plastic surgery tourism: could it save the African economy? [CNN]
  • Citizens of Humanity, Seven For All Mankind, True Religion, Denim For Immortality — it was a great Christmas for all the companies that want to save the world and restore peace to society institute utopia, etc. etc. [WWD]
  • Lacoste is suing a dentist it claims is using its logo to advertise dental surgery. [Guardian]
  • "A $1,500 bag festooned with logos and showy geegaws — especially if it gets knocked off to the point of ubiquity — will look dated soon." That's Teri Agins, veteran Wall Street Journal fashion reporter, in her latest "Ask Teri" column. Will someone "ask Teri" what's a "geegaw"? [WSJ]

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@DorothyZbornak: don't worry, i think that's the POINT of the ridiculously loud music. they play it so goddamn loud no one over the age of 17 can stand to be in there for more than 5 minutes...i'm pretty sure their motivation is to get parents to hand their children credit cards and get the hell out.

on another A&F rant, has anyone noticed that their sizes are completely fucked up? my friends and i have a theory that they make their shirts extra tiny for two reasons: 1) the better to slut with and 2)so no one even approaching a normal size can wear them.