Popularity Contests

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Even post-high school, the popular kids continue to come out on top: They are more likely to grow up to be healthy adults than their peers with fewer friends and less social status, according to a Swedish study. [Reuters]


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This isn't really new information, is it? There have been studies for years that say that people with friends and good social skills are healthier than others who have less social skills.

I've always wondered how people thought of me in high school. I was captain of the cheerleading squad, but I was not friends with other cheerleaders (who were the really popular girls). I was also captain of the forensics team. I hung out with the smart kids and the soccer boys. I was friends with a wide variety of people, but I do know that I was considered a big bitch. I think it's because I was so brusque - I've never had a high tolerance for bullshit and meaningless conversation, and it was even lower in high school. So I'm curious whether the fact that I was friendly to different groups is what sticks with people, or whether it's my brusqueness that sticks. Then again, maybe I'm being conceited by assuming that I stick with people, because I don't remember a lot of people...