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Popemobile Pizza & Swarms of Adoring Nuns: The Pope's Having a Big Week

Illustration for article titled Popemobile Pizza  Swarms of Adoring Nuns: The Popes Having a Big Week

Pope Francis just made a whirlwind visit to Naples, where he gave a speech condemning corruption and organized crime. He also got swarmed by nuns and accepted a pizza from the moving Popemobile. And what did you do this weekend?


ABC News reports that when the employees of Pizzeria Don Ernesto realized Francis likes pizza and would be nearby, they prepared a pie special and took it to the pontiff's route through town. One of them scaled the barricade, trotted up to the passing car and handed it over. Watch for yourself:

The pope's chill reaction is especially noteworthy when you consider how tight security measures must've been, given Francis's harsh tone toward organized crime in the region. CBS News notes that last year he declared mafiosos had "excommunicated themselves," and he didn't let up this time:

In a neighborhood infested by the Camorra, the local mafia, he called for an end to what he termed "the tears of the mothers of Naples."

"Corrupt society stinks," said Francis. "We all have the potential to be corrupt and to slip into criminality."


Then, the Independent reports, he was speaking at Naples Cathedral today when a bunch of nuns mobbed him like he was the Beatles (which I guess he is, if you're a nun):

A select group of cloistered nuns – who normally only greet visitors from outside their convents through a partition – were allowed to attend the Pope's speech and even broke forward to give him a gift.

Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe was forced to intervene over the microphone and urge restraint, according to the Telegraph, saying: "Sisters… Later… Well would you look at that. They are going to eat him! Sisters… sisters!"

Come on, let the nuns have their fun.

He also tried some new fashions:

Illustration for article titled Popemobile Pizza  Swarms of Adoring Nuns: The Popes Having a Big Week

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Religion is stupid, and I don't much get down with the whole notion of, "This guy is less of a monster than all the other dudes we've given this stupid hat to, so let's all be his number 1 fans!!" but, it was pretty cute the way those bro-dudes were all fangirl excited about the special pizza they made for the pope. Yay for them for being happy - I bet that's a nice memory they'll carry for a long time.

See, I have a heart.