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Pope Offers Pro-Choice Politicians A Very Light Snack

Illustration for article titled Pope Offers Pro-Choice Politicians A Very Light Snack
  • Oh my GOD POLITICIANS WHO UPHOLD THE RIGHT TO A BABYKILLING RECEIVED THE BODY OF CHRIST DESPITE KILLING BABIES. What is next, women who actually have submitted their wombs to this murderous murder method? The abortion doctors themselves? WHAT IF THE VIRGIN MARY HAD MADE THIS SO CALLED "CHOICE"?? No one would have believed her rape kit! [AP]
  • Oh fuck, a debate tonight. [Philly]
  • With apologies to SinisterRouge...[Huffington Post]
  • And here's a concession: Barry started wearing the flag pin again. Authentic! [LAT]
  • Maybe he is just proud of the country for embracing its own bitterness and John McCain for praising his race speech and Hillary Clinton for getting drunk. Hey, I'm proud almost proud myself... [AP]
  • Which brings us to...where can you see the word "fuck" more than Jezebel? Our military barracks' bathrooms in the Middle East. A fucking awesome photo essay. [Walrus]
  • And yes, I am going to need this. [WSJ]
  • And speaking of oppressive bureaucratic organizations from which you don't want to receive angry paperwork...Al Qaeda! [LA Times]
  • And speaking of the funny ways of terrorists, the Las Vegas ricin attacker is an unemployed 57-year-old graphic designer. [AP]

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If I didn't mention this before, one of my very good homies was the reporter who covered Hillary at Bronko's in Crown Point, where she had her shot and beer. His name's John Byrne, and he ROCKS.

That is all.