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Pop Secret

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A new and weirdly snarky study points out the obvious: Movie food is not healthy. On popcorn: "They don't call them tubs for nothing." And: "Suggestion: Move your cardiologist's phone number to your speed-dial before the lights go down." [NYPost]


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I hate the food they sell at theaters. The popcorn is okay while you're eating it, but it leaves this slimy film in your mouth after. I'm not that big of a fan of sodas, and especially not mass-produced ones (I favor Boylan's Cane Cola). So I always smuggle food in. Sorry, cinemas, I know you make a lot of money from your food, but you don't sell anything I actually want to eat, so I wouldn't be buying anything anyway.

Two of my local theaters are each right around the corner from different outlets of a local high-end sub chain. I love watching a matinee and having a lovely mediterranean sub with fries for lunch.