Everyone needs to stop shaming Dara-Lynn Weiss! It's forcing her to — I don't know — feel like her daughter Bea did when Weiss would yell at her about eating junk food in front of her peers? Make her feel like her soul is fat? Anyway, we should all just stop it. Child obesity is an epidemic in this country and if you're not for Dara's tyrannical methods, then clearly you think every child should eat until its little innocent heart collapses.

That child hatred even goes for Dr. Joanna Dolgoff, the pediatrician who designed little Bea's diet under her Red Light, Green Light, Eat Right model. Dr. Dolgoff has criticized and distanced herself from Weiss' "make your kid feel like shit" method, saying that her diet is less about restriction and limiting a kid's experiences and more about conditioning children to actually enjoy healthier food. What the what? Letting a kid have fun and getting them healthier? With charlatans like "Doctor" Dolgoff running around, it's no wonder Dara went rogue.

Single-chin, up, Weiss. Don't let the detractors weigh you down.

Mom's Diet for 7-Year-Old Daughter in 'Vogue' Sparks Backlash [GMA]