Pooping Sadly Disqualifies Puppy from Obstacle Course

Think about the long, painful hours this sprightly dog put in on the practice course, month after month in preparation for this, his big moment on what appears to be a crisp, national broadcast. The most heartbreaking part of the whole video, though, isn't the moment when the dog squats over the grass, it's moments after, when the color commentator's fading voice says regretfully, "He was doing so well too..." That's heartbreak, friends, plain, simple, shitty heartbreak, not for the dog, however (he seems relieved), but for his poor handler, who must realize, in the wake of such a catastrophe, that she's spent a significant portion of her adult life teaching her pet how to jump over hurdles and crawl on its belly. Never can the phrase "walk of shame" be better employed than when you're walking over to pick up your dog's crap in front of a stadium's (and now internet's) worth of spectators.

[via Buzzfeed]

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Aw, poor doggie. Yeah, all that running around equals poop time. That's sad that it's an instant disqualification. It's not like you can tell them to hold it till the routine is over. When they go, they gots to go!