• Hot new trend: polygamist pastels? Yeah, whatever.• Facials that involve steam and extractions are bad for your skin. • NPR's "Fresh Air" host, Terry Gross, once got fired from a job as an inner-city school teacher. • Indigenous girls in Australia were forced to get contraceptive implants when they were as young as 12 years old. • The late Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop donated her entire fortune to charity. • Matthew Shepard's mother continues to campaign for gay rights. • Battered women get a "Princess Day to rebuild self-esteem. • The chief of police in Tehran was jailed after found nude with six women in a brothel raid. • In 5 years, scientists may be able to grow sperm from skin cells. • Stellamaris Mulaeh, a young Kenyan, tries to resolve ethnic divisions in her country. • Guards at an O.C. jail tased a cat to death. • Men are more likely than women to have mild cognitive impairment. • Adorable Iowans pull prank on neighbor's lawn and promise to help clean it up!