Polygamist Sect Raided On Charges Of Abuse Of Girls

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Acting on a tip from a 16-year-old church member, Texas Child Protective Services arranged a raid on Friday at the compound of the polygamist sect The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 200 miles outside San Antonio. According to the AP, the teen caller said she was married and had a baby at age 15 with registered sex offender Dale Barlow, 50 — a clear violation of Texas law, as girls under 16 are not allowed to be wed, even with parental approval. The most recent reports state that Texas State troopers removed 219 people out of the compound —a former exotic game ranch, now called Yearning For Zion (YFZ) by the controversial church — but they've been as yet unable to locate the caller who notified child protective services in the first place.

CPS spokeswoman Marleigh Meisner tells the AP: "We're always concerned anytime we have a victim and we can't find that victim. I am confident this girl does indeed exist." Dale Barlow, who was convicted last year of conspiracy to commit sexual conduct with a minor, is reportedly in Arizona at the Fundamentalist Church's other compound near the Utah border, and claims that he doesn't know the girl accusing him. According to his probation officer Bill Loader, Barlow has given a DNA sample and is cooperating with investigators.

This isn't the first time the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints, a splinter Mormon faction that allows polygamy, has made news. Its controversial leader Warren Jeffs is currently in a Utah jail for arranging a marriage between a 14-year-old girl and her 19-year-old cousin, and the church has a reputation for exiling young men so that there can be a gender imbalance that allows for polygamy to be the norm.


The town nearest to the YFZ Ranch, a tiny burg named Eldorado, has been housing the displaced women and children for the past few days, not without suspicion and a little fear — perhaps they envision another Waco. According to the Dallas Morning News, locals think that law enforcement has been waiting since Jeffs' arrest to raid the compound. Randy Mankin, the editor of the Eldorado Success newspaper, told the Morning News, Child Protective Services "got the tip they've been waiting for, and I think they had the plan in place for how they were going to deal with it." The 200 or so women and children remain at a historic fort in nearby San Angelo for now, as officials are still trying to find the 16-year-old victim.

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@jenalicious: Well, I mean, I think to be "Christian" you have to believe in Christ as savior/messiah and/or son of God. As a Jew who doesn't believe in Christ as a savior/messiah or song of God, I don't think I can just say "I'm Christian!" and have it be so; that's called "talking out my ass." I used to get in a discussion with the people who would come out for Jews For Jesus on campus in college that usually went like this:

Them: Hello, would you like to join Jews for Jesus?

Me: No, thank you, I'm fine being Jewish.

Them: No, no! We're not Christians! We just believe Jesus is the savior of mankind!

Me: Oh, so he's the messiah?

Them: Yeah!

Me: So, doesn't that make you Christians?

Them: No! We're still Jewish.

Me: But isn't Chrisitianity like Judaism plus Jesus as lord and savior?

Them: ...

Me: Yeah, I'm fine being Jewish, thanks though!

Not to make too big a deal of it. I'm just pretty sure you have to buy the Jesus part to actually be a Christian.

@Lymed: There are entire sections of government and law enforcement devoted to re-integrating former cult members back into society. They will be held in government custody for a while, for basic deprogramming and, depending on their progress and the availability of immediate family, they will be placed under State or Federal supervision either with family members or with people living a roughly similar Christian lifestyle (so that the world isn't too unfamiliar too fast) until they become used to participating in current society again.

The best examples of successfully re-integrated cult members are found on the Jonestown Massacre documentaries. It's really astounding how well the government has become at handling this one small slice of civic duty.