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Polygamist Sect Members On Trial

Illustration for article titled Polygamist Sect Members On Trial

The first of a dozen FDLS members accused of the sexual abuse will go on trial today. Raymond Jessop faces up to 20 years for his "marriage" to an underage girl. [MSNBC]


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in this country, we have a constitutional right to a trial by our peers. while i am in no way defending the practice of child abuse and child marriage as a religious practice and hope this guy goes to jail for a long long long long time, the fact is that he still deserves a right to a trial by his peers. as wrong as it may seem to those of us outside of his world, his true peers include those who belong to his religious community and those who interact with and have a greater understanding of the complexities of the case than someone in NH (or even elsewhere in TX) ever could. the only time when moving a case is allowed, as far as i know, is when the jury is likely to be biased against the defendant, who after all is innocent until proven guilty.

that being said, i hope these guys get whats coming to them, because they disgust me. #fdls