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Poll: Which Bridesmaid Dress Should Moe Wear?

Illustration for article titled Poll: Which Bridesmaid Dress Should Moe Wear?

We thought we had seen it all in the blogosphere: the celebrity weight fluctuatology website, the Chaucer blog. But that was before Time Inc. laid off hundreds of news writers and editors so it could pare down its forces and dedicate manpower to the tough subjects that really needed blog-tackling. Which is to say: ugly bridesmaids' dresses! Serendipitously, hours after discovering this blog, we received a correspondence about our own upcoming bridesmaid duties, which leads us to the inevitable poll question: is it bad manners to send in a bridesmaid dress you haven't worn yet? After the jump, debate the merits of Moe's choice in bridesmaids dresses.


Please keep in mind:
1. Moe is single
2. Moe's hot ex-boyfriend will be there
3. Moe is not really interested in adding to her "list"
4. Moe does not tan
5. We mean, not even a little
6. Moe could Mystic tan, if it was worth it
7. Moe only wears black and gray and thereby stands no chance of wearing any of these dresses ever again.
8. Moe leans toward the slutty one, but what's with the sash?


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