Poll: The Top Five Moments In Paris Is A Piece Of Shit

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Did you almost feel sorry for her when she cried out for her mommy in the courtroom? When you realized her handwriting made Anna Nicole Smith look like fucking John Hancock himself? In moments over the past few weeks, Paris's abject dumbness has actually in moments managed to eclipse her smugness, ill-gotten wealth, sincere insincerity, soul-wrecking ubiquity, casual racism, self-satisfied obliviousness and her contribution to the plundering of social mores throughout the universe. It's sort of like when Zacarias Moussaoui went totally bananas in the courtroom and you were all, dude, maybe this guy is just sort of a pathetic loser incapable of real harm..... NEVER FORGET! After the jump, refresh your memory with our five favorite moments in Paris loathsomeness, and don't forget to vote. Write-ins welcome.


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And I have one that simply cannot go unmentioned. Wasn't Paris the orginial no-panty,cdiseased,crusty, coochie flasher? Wasn't she the one who made it so cool?

And Paris, since you like to lead the Hollywood whore pack so much...if you want to start a new celebutard trend...how about being famous for disappearing and never being heard from again...?