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Here's some fodder for your next therapy session: A group of mothers on the website Mumsnet have admitted to treating their eldest children (dubbed the Precious First Born) better than their later-born babies (Neglected Subsequent Children). [Telegraph]


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According to my mother, each child is your favorite depending on the situation. I’m my mom’s favorite because she grew as a person raising me more than with her other children (she had me young). My brother is her favorite because he "needs her the most." My other brother is her favorite because of how protective he is over her. My sister is her favorite because she sees the most of herself as a child in her.

She tells me this, but all I hear is "You’ll always be my favorite, LaComtesse—listen to your heart instead of my words." And I smile in the smug satisfaction that only a firstborn can have. Sorry NSCs: have fun in therapy or prison or wherever it is you people tend to wind up.