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Since Susan Miller is busy, Politico has taken it upon themselves to become THE resource on all things astrology, and they've started with the birth of latest child in the Clinton alliterative dynasty, Charlotte.


Politico's Kendall Breitman asked "leading astrologists" to share what they think know about Charlotte's future. As you might have predicted yourself while musing about the life of a baby you don't know, like her mother, Charlotte may not be actively involved in politics, but she will work as a humanitarian who is focused on social justice.

Other key predictions certainties:

"[Charlotte] is a Libra geared towards relationships, getting along, diplomacy, judicial matters and good breeding"

"Unlike most Libras who are social butterflies, we will not see her as superficial or casual"

Charlotte will also be close with both her grandmother AND her grandfather:

Charlotte was born when the moon was in the Scorpio position, known as a "Scorpio Moon," which sets her up for a strong relationship with her grandmother.

"She really will be 'Billary,' because she is going to have his charm and likability and Hillary's sort of focus and intensity and desire to make things happen, so it's going to be an interesting combo."



Lastly, she will be a stone-cold fox:

"I think she's probably going to have a lot of admirers and even be a little flirty"


Look out world! Charlotte's here!

Images via Chelsea Clinton and Bill Clinton/Twitter

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