Politician In Trouble For "Sex Poll" • NY To Ban Shackling Pregnant Women

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• A councilor from the UKIP is under investigation over a "sex poll" he posed on a message board about American murder suspect Amanda "Foxy Knoxy" Knox. He launched an online poll with the question "Amanda Knox? Would you...?"


• An angry bride attacked a bouncer at her own wedding reception after being asked to leave the venue where the party was being held so that the club could open to the public. Sharon Verallo, 40, reportedly hit the bouncer over the head with her red stiletto heel. • Sleddale Hall, a dilapidated farm house in Cumbria made famous by the 1987 movie Withnail and I, has been purchased by a fan of the film for an undisclosed sum. • A Florida judge ruled on Monday that accused cat killer Tyler Weinman will be receiving a little help from taxpayers to pay legal costs. Circuit Judge John Thornton ordered the state to pay $12,500 to cover the costs involved with the deposition of witnesses and investigators working for his defense. • A 33-year-old man was arrested in Florida after police found two children in his car, which was parked outside a strip club. The owner of the vehicle was found drinking beer inside. It is unclear how the man knew the kids. • Former Wimbledon champion Martina Hingis will appear on the reality series Strictly Come Dancing. Hingis has been banned from tennis after testing positive for coke during the 2007 Wimbledon tournament. • A football player from the University of Alabama was arrested last Wednesday for assaulting a former girlfriend. Kendall Grzyb reportedly approached Courtney Upshaw and slapped him. After she walked away, Upshaw chased her and grabbed her neck to push her to the ground. It seems that there were no serious injuries, but the coach later advised his team: "Don't put yourself in the wrong place, and don't put yourself out there to get in trouble like that." We have one question: why wasn't his message don't assault people? • New York state lawmakers may ban prison works from shackling pregnant inmates. Governor David Patterson is expected to sign a law later this week that would make New York the 6th state to forbid the use of restraints. • Up until age 80 when things begin to equal out, men lose their hearing at faster rates than women. Doctors believe the disparity can be attributed to men's higher level of exposure to extremely loud noises. • Comedian Sunda Croonquist's mother-in-law got a little tired of being the butt of all her jokes, which draw heavily from the culture clash of a half-black, half-Swedish girl marrying into a Jewish family, and so, naturally, she sued her. •



If you want to read the "best" part of the football player assault story go over to Deadspin and look it up. Her father blamed her for the incident saying, "I hate to see this guy get in too much trouble because I honestly think it was probably initiated by my daughter. I don't think he laid a hand on her. He just tried to restrain her to keep from getting hit again"

Thanks Dad.