Police: Yale Murder Not A Random Act • Daily Mail: Big Purses Lead To Rape

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• As mentioned earlier, police believe they have discovered the body of Annie Le stuffed in a wall in the medical building. "We're not believing it's a random act" said a police spokesman.


Police say that they are currently working with a "large amount" of evidence to find Le's killer. Officials revealed they are looking at a suspect, but it is not Le's fiance. • The suspect is apparently a student, though "not necessarily a Yale student," who has suspicious wounds. • Kidnapper Phillip Garrido's bail has been set at $30 million. • His wife Nancy, meanwhile, has been placed in isolation after other inmates threatened to rape and kill her. • Judi Dench will donate the set from Shakespeare in Love — which was given to her by the filmmakers and is currently in storage — to a Shakespeare Company in northern England for use as an actual theater. • U.S. officials say they are in the process of approving a HPV vaccine for men. Like Gardasil, which is administered solely to women, the vaccine will protect against genital warts, come in three doses, and cost $375. • An ad network rejected Tucker Max's ads — sample line: "Sexism isn't the same as misogyny, you stupid bitch." — because they violated policy of not running "garbage." • 'Researchers have found that particular types of fat can cause the brain to ignore the messages coming from insulin and leptin that tell us when we are full, which leads to overeating. The study, performed on rodents, found that the effects of high-fat foods can last up to three days. • Oh, god: Police in Bangladesh are investigating the marriage of a 13-year-old girl to a 75-year-old moneylender. They believe the girl was sold by her parents as payment for her father's debts. • This Daily Fail article, about women searching for their keys, seems a little too alarmist and sensationalistic for my taste. It basically screams big purses will get you raped, with absolutely no evidence other than the fears of several survey respondents. • The Fail also says men lie an average of six times a day — twice as often as women — and lies include "claiming their partner's behind doesn't look too big." • Due to a field that's "deeper in talent and geographic diversity" than it was a few years ago, women's tennis is doing well despite the recession. • And tennis-playing sisters Elizabeth and Mary Profit may be following in the Williams sisters' footsteps, despite Elizabeth's diabetes and living in an RV. • The awesome blog Sociological Images has uncovered a fascinating video series called "Consuming Kids," which explores the commercialization of childhood. The clips are enlightening, but be warned, you will come out feeling even more jaded and cynical. • The press won't be allowed into Sarah Palin's upcoming speech in Hong Kong — this way she can say anything she wants without those nasty reporters pestering her about the truth. • Though Pakistan's fighter pilots were all male until six years ago, seven women are now trained to fly for the Pakistani Air Force. Says cadet Anam Faiq, "We're more hardworking, more consistent and more patient" than men. • Judi Dench has kindly donated the entire set from the film Shakespeare in Love to a British theater company. The oak-timbered set was modeled on London's 16th-century Rose Theater, and will be now used as a "living history center." • Roy Colton, 75, is a former coal miner, and possibly Britain's oldest transsexual. Colton began living openly as a woman when she was 70, and has since changed her name to Rachel. • Radio host Neal Boortz, who once called Katrina refugees "debris," said that Obama addressing Wall Street today was "like sending a child molester to speak to a kindergarten class." • Samantha Orobator left prison several weeks ago to give birth in a hospital. Orobator has still not revealed who the father is, but there are rumors that John Watson, another prisoner, could have impregnated the 20-year-old. •


Re: Tucker Max's ad- "Sexism isn't the same as misogyny, you stupid bitch."

No, but one stems from the other, you fucking douche.