Today, CNN has a story about how pole dancing helps "strip off pounds." Have you heard that pole dancing is a good workout? You must have: A quick Nexis search shows a whopping 999 news articles about "pole dancing workouts" have been published in the last two years. There have been pieces in Ebony, the Orlando Sentinel, Star-Ledger of Newark, NJ, Tampa Tribune, Detroit News, Witchita Eagle, Chicago Daily Herald, Orange County Register, Fresno Bee, Daily Star in the UK and on ABC News. Who will write number 1,000? What is up with the stripper fetish in the media? And if pole dancing is such a good workout, how come men don't do it?Actually, when searching Nexis for "pole dancing workout" and "men," one discovers that pole-dancing studios and classrooms have a "no men" policy. The women don't want to be gawked at or made to feel uncomfortable, because, you know, wrapping yourself around a metal pole is a totally natural female impulse but private, mmkay? In the CNN story, a nurse named Cicely Rogers, who goes to PoleLaTeaz in Atlanta says: "I started last August and I've gone down two dress sizes. I've lost 20 pounds and I feel awesome." Learning pole tricks "made me feel better about my body. I used to be nervous about my body and try to hide it. Now I'm a lot more open and confident. I stand up straight and feel good about myself." Would she feel fit and confident if she'd been jogging for a year? Or rowing? Or playing tennis? Or doing yoga? What is with the obsession with pole dancing? Does the media love an "edgy" story about a housewife getting all sweaty while wrapping her legs around a phallic column because we're all conditioned to love a lady in the street who's a freak in the bed? Or is this just good "reporting" on a "trend" ? Pole Dancing Helps Strip Off Pounds [CNN] Earlier: Kim Kardashian's 9-Year-Old Sister Works A Stripper Pole