It's that time: Jezebel Jennifer's last day of work. Earlier this week, when announcing her departure and upcoming arrival at the offices of Ralph Lauren, I mentioned a little of what I like about her. Now, I'd like to call attention to a little of what I liked that she wrote. For over a year, Jennifer has been writing our "Rag Trade" fashion-industry roundup, and last night when doing a search, I was shocked to find that she has done the column a staggering 300 times. (She's also done thousands of "Snap Judgments", and according to my calculations, over 50 posts on her beloved Project Runway alone.)

But beyond that — and her putting up with demanding edits, late night emails, two exhausting New York Fashion Weeks, a diagnosis of vertigo, and hundreds of hours watching Martha, The View, and Regis & Kelly — Jen has done a number of features that I think regular readers should revisit and new readers should introduce themselves to. (Readers with other suggestions are welcome to link to them in the comments!) There was her foray into foray into pole-dancing, her tryout for America's Next Top Model, her liveblog from the Project Runway finale in Bryant Park, her experience being silently judged at the Soho Prada store, the Hooters party she hit up last fall, and, my personal favorite, our Label Whores feature, for which Jen sewed designer fashion labels into cheap clothes and tried to sell them to snotty consignment stores. All of these are examples of Jennifer's singular initiative, good humor, intelligence, creativity and energy, for which I will always be grateful. Ralph Lauren is a lucky man. Godspeed, sweetie, and don't forget those polo shirts!

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