Polar Bears Really Hate Gawkers

If you've ever been to the dismal peep show of incarcerated animals we as a culture innocuously call the "zoo," then you've probably locked eyes with a majestic wild creature and detected a yearning for the open plains or sweltering jungles of that creature's origin, and realized that, because humans devastate the world's ecosystems, kill animals for cosmetics and winter coats, and voyeuristically watch caged animals defecate on fake rocks and walk in circles, that animal's yearning will most likely go unheeded. That's why some of them, like the polar bear in this video, have started throwing rocks at people who can't merely admire its polar majesty, but have to giggle and point, as if they're so special with their Gore-tex jackets and baseball caps. The bear most likely cooled off later when his seal friend offered him a glass bottle of Coke and they shared a tender moment under moonlight.

via Buzzfeed

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Polar bears hate Gawkers? It's probably just a reaction to their new commenting system.