Polar Bears Become Best Bros, Put Each Other Before Hos

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Since being introduced last month at the Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland, polar bears Arktos, age 4, and Walker, age 3, have become nearly inseparable, even sleeping nose to nose or paw to paw. That sound you hear is the collective coo of readers everywhere.

Arktos was recently transferred from a zoo in Germany with the express purpose of being a companion for Walker. Fortunately, the two bears took to each other right away. Says Highland Wildlife Park's head keeper Una Richardson:

"We had really only started to introduce them for longer periods of time during the day when we spotted Arktos was missing Walker at night, whining and trying to get into the main enclosure to be with him...Quickly becoming inseparable, they love nothing more than having a good wrestle, giving chase and also stealing each other's meat at feeding time...I don't think any of us knew that they would get on quite so well in such a short space of time — it is safe to say that they are definitely in the early stages of a budding bear 'bromance'."


Polar bros!

Polar bears' 'bromance' blossoming at Scottish animal park [The Independent]
Image via Jeff J Mitchell/Getty.

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Princess Whoosh

Scottish Highland Wildlife Park? That sounds like somewhere that would be close to me... yet I've never heard of it. And I love me some polar bears. May have to look into this.