Polar Bear Still Stuck In Milwaukee Moat • Swedes Criticize Gender Roles In Lego Catalog

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• Zookeepers at the Milwaukee County Zoo are attempting to lure Zero the polar bear out of the moat surrounding his habitat after he fell in the moat on October 13. • A Wisconsin man needed eight stitches in his head after his wife tied him to the bed and pummeled him with a dumbbell on Monday night after he refused to lower his voice during an argument. • A recent survey conducted by Hotels.com found that 84% of British women planning their first getaway with their male SO expect the man to pay for the cost of the trip. • In bizarre study news: A recent Canadian study found that men prefer to use the "extra hour" they gain when they turn back clock this weekend for sex while women prefer to use it for extra sleep time. •• U.S. researchers announced on Saturday that an "aggressive effort" to vaccinate older women against cervical cancer would help lower cancer rates dramatically. • A recent study found that women with disabilities are more likely to report some form of domestic violence than women without them. • An elderly Chinese couple got married after they met each other online. • HBO has created a licensing agreement with Vesuvio Import Company to create Sopranos Wine, a line of Italian wines ranging from $11.99 to $29.99. • Emo animals' hair is everywhere. • Australian researchers say that playing the trumpet, eye rubbing, sleeping face down and doing yoga headstands can lead to pressure spikes in eyes which can become eye risks for people with short-sightedness and glaucoma. • The Trade and Ethical Council Against Sexism in Advertising in Sweden has condemned Lego for promoting gender stereotypes in its catalog. • Meanwhile, a British man who is obsessed with Legos recently got engaged. He says he "never thought he'd find a girl [he loves] as much as Lego." • A new survey has found that the birth control pill remains to most popular form of contraception for women in England. • About 30% of women experience some hair loss in their lifetime but they should steer clear of Propecia, which works on testosterone and has not been tested for women. • Suzan-Lori Parks, author of Topdog/Underdog, will become the first playwright to fill the Public Theater's Master Writer Chair since the position was launched three years ago.•

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I swear not ALL Wisconites are crazy! Just, ya know, a lot of us.