Point/ Counterpoint: Do You Care About the Royal Wedding?

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Perhaps you've heard of a little event happening this Friday across the pond. You know, the one that will celebrate the matrimonial union between the oldest son of an relatively obsolete and largely ornamental dynastic family and the comely daughter of a party supply retailer? Yes, it's Kate and Prince Wills' wedding! It's squealworthy and OMG so soon! Or is it?


While some folks are stocking up on commemorative knickknacks, others couldn't give a flying crumpet about the royal marriage or the omnipresent media frenzy. So welcome to Point/ Counterpoint Theatre's The Royal Wedding: Do You Care? It's a safe place where loyal/royal readers can consider the finer details of Friday's festivities, with a discussion about what's probably the most polarizing event involving the British throne since that whole Lancaster/York debacle.

Tell us if you are busting out your lacy hanky and fancy English wedding hat and watching the live stream at the crack of dawn or rolling over and dreaming of something beside Prince Charming.

But wait! Before you commenters mount your steeds, let's examine both sides of the debate:

Point: It's like a real-life fairytale!
Counterpoint: It incites your children to ask things like "Is daddy a real prince?"


Point: It's inspiring Americans to get excited about things besides American things.
Counterpoint: These are the types of Americans who are excited.

Point: Fashion! Dresses! What's Kate going to wear?
Counterpoint: Fashion! Dresses! What Kate has already worn.


Point: Extra attention if you coincidentally happen to be named Kate Middleton.
Countpoint: You will be kicked off Facebook.

Counterpoint: You're not invited.
Point: Thankfully, neither is this guy.


And that's just the tip of the wedding cake! What do you think about Will and Kate's impending nuptials? Will you be turning in, or tuning out? Answer the poll to the left to find out how your fellow Jezebel readers feel, then chime in (chime, get it? Like wedding bells! Squeeeeeaaal!) in the comments!