They say change is good. But there are things in this world that should be appreciated as is, i.e. don't change the formula for Coca-Cola; admit that Bob Barker is the one true host of The Price Is Right; don't touch chocolate! The Grocery Manufacturers Association wants to be able to make chocolate with vegetable oil, reports ABC News. In this country, a product cannot be labeled chocolate unless it is made with cocoa butter. Using vegetable oil would make chocolate cheaper to produce, and help the GMA "modernize." But the impact could affect as many as 50 million people around the world who depend upon cocoa for their livelihood. Not to mention those of us who are admitted chocoholics!

The GMA would like to look at replacing the cocoa butter with 5% oil — the European Union has used a 5 percent ceiling since 2003. Banning trans-fats is understandable, but as one woman says in the video on, "Chocolate is chocolate, let's keep it chocolate!" Go ahead and indulge, before chocolate as we know it is just a fond memory!

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