Plus-Size Clothing Production Is Downsized

Earlier today, a NYC CBS affiliate ran a news segment about the plus-size segment of the fashion industry. For those who have been living under a rock for the past few months (or not reading this site) the current recession is affecting the once growing industry of women's plus-size clothing.


Companies like Ellen Tracy have eliminated plus sizes, while Bloomingdale's has either reduced or dropped the lines altogether. Appealing to 56% of all women is apparently not cost effective.

Additionally, Ann Taylor — and its Loft division — is now selling size 16 and up online only. According to reps from the company, this is due to "low demand," despite the fact that the majority of women are sizes 14 and up, and they, too, want stylish clothes. Indeed, sales are down 8% in the last 12 months for plus sizes compared to the 2% drop in sales for standard sizes, but the real issue is the bottom line: On average, it costs 10% more to make plus-size clothes, due to special patterns and more fabric.

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Le Sighing My Way Through Life

I really hate being discriminated against by fashion designers for being fat. It's super annoying. And I would refuse to shop at their stores except they don't want me in there in the first place.