Plus-Size Bridal On An Anorexic Budget: Now At A Mall Near You

Torrid, plus-sized mall-chain extraordinaire, is now moving into the wonderful world of bridal wear, all priced at the very friendly price point of $78-$220. But are the looks any good? Eh, yes and no. After the jump, I evaluate the mass-produced dresses for the supposed curvy girl on a budget.

This dress seems all kinds of cruel. What's with the random pintucks in the skirt? And why must the bow look so cheap?

I'm typically pro the cocktail-length wedding dress. But not if it comes with a bolero like this.


I swear there is no difference between this dress and ones you'll find in fancy wedding stores. It's not my taste, but it's a look a lotta ladies seem to love.


This dress fuckin' rocks. To the max!


Slightly "maternity" and you would need a really good bra, but has potential.


No: Putting a friend in this as a bridesmaid dress is a Crime Against Womanity.

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