Please Stop Embarrassing Your Dogs, And Yourselves, With Idiotic Pet Costumes

This particular dog costume is offensive on many levels: one, it's offensive to anyone who loves animals. Two, it's offensive to anyone who loves Star Trek. And three, it's offensive to anyone who loves beer. This madness has to stop.

I know you think it's super cute to put Bella in a romper and bring her to Stop & Shop in your giant purse, but Bella is not a child, nor is she an American Girl doll to be accessorized with seasonal attire from an overpriced catalog. She is an animal. A living, breathing thing. If you want to put something in a ridiculous tutu, buy a damn Fashionista Barbie. If your dog needs a warm coat for the winter, that's one thing, but can we all just stop putting our animals in stupid costumes for our own amusement? They deserve a bit better. They at least deserve better than Bud Light and cardboard. Ugh. No wonder that dog looks like it hates you. My dog hates you, too, and he doesn't even know you. We're about to come walking in your neighborhood without a stack of poop bags, and whoever you are, you deserve it.


To Boldly Wear What No Dog Wants To Wear [Wag Reflex] via [Neatorama]

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