Please Send Lawyers, Daniel Craig and Money

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  • Does someone have $38,001 they can loan me? Because film producer Barbara Broccoli paid $38,000 to charity to kiss Daniel Craig and, um, hell yeah. [AP]
  • Speaking of bad loans, hundreds of people have been arrested for making them, including 2 Bear Sterns guys. The economic damage, well, no one knows how to fix that. [Washington Post]
  • As previously mentioned, Barack Obama is foregoing federal campaign funding because he doesn't need your stinkin' money. Well, I mean, he needs your money, he just doesn't want the government to be the go-between. Who's small government now (that it benefits him)? [NY Times]
  • Actually, for the record, one of the guys who wrote the law thinks it's a smart decision because Obama really, actually doesn't need the money. [HuffPo]
  • The French Muslim non-virgin whose wants the annulment her husband wants because she isn't one is probably not going to get it because of the feminist uproar. One step for feminists, I guess, right in the midst of her pain. [BBC]
  • Speaking of steps, Congress has come up with a system to give retroactive immunity to phone companies that illegally tapped your phones at the behest of the Administration without looking like they're giving retroactive immunity to phone companies that illegally tapped your phones at the behest of the Administration. And you thought politicians weren't creative. [Washington Post]
  • And, in case you thought your job sucked, it turns out that when you work for Congressman Don Young, you also work for his wife and she's crazy. Also,

    If you're being chased by armed police man [sic], don't try to escape into a metro station," is part of their intern advice package. It's good advice. [The Hill]



@clevernamehere: I read yesterday he felt he decided to do this because McCain would not agree NOT to, he feels he needs to do this to insure he is actually elected. Then once he IS elected he has promised to get new LAWS passed so that candiadates HAVE to do the federally funded thing.

Not ideal I agree, but I see where he is coming from. If he isn't elected he can't hep make the changes in law to make it fairer for everyone.